Workplace accidents involving explosions often prove fatal

Workplace accidents involving explosions often prove fatal

Working around hazardous materials and chemicals inherently involves a certain level of risk. Companies in Texas and elsewhere who are tasked with disassembling and moving such materials may place a high priority on preventing workplace accidents and protecting employee safety, but identifying every potential danger could be challenging at best. A recent accident in another state involving an explosion has left one person with severe injuries, and killed another.

The men were reportedly depressurizing a tank that was previously used to store chemicals. Suddenly, and explosion occurred, which was apparently heard and felt by another individual who was at a restaurant that is around a mile away from the site. One of the men was severely injured during the accident, while another was reportedly pronounced dead shortly thereafter.

According to reports, another explosion took place at the same location around a month prior to this incident, leaving one with serious injuries and killing two more. That accident also involved a chemical storage tank. Officials from numerous organizations have initiated an investigation into the most current incident, which may be geared toward determining what may have caused the tank to erupt.

Workplace accidents have led to the serious injury and/or death of countless victims throughout the years. Along with the pain and suffering, or even potential grief involved with losing a loved one, victims or surviving family members may also experience financial hardships, potentially spurring a need to seek relief. When facing such a tragic incident, a person in Texas could retain the services of an attorney for assistance in pursuing the full amount of compensation deserved through all applicable sources.

Source:, "UPDATE: Fatal Explosion Came as Crews Removed Previously Exploded Tank", Dave Wilson, June 20, 2017


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