You lose more than a limb in an amputation injury

You lose more than a limb in an amputation injury Losing a limb due to a workplace accident will affect your life in ways you may never have imagined. Most people never consider the full consequences. If they did it might encourage them to take more care. It would also reduce the chances that amputation injuries will occur.

What are the consequences of an amputation injury?

An amputation will have a massive effect on your life. It will also affect that of your family. Here are some of the ways amputations affect victims:
  • Loss of earning power: You will certainly need time off work. Depending on the details, you might never be able to return to the same role. Certain amputations could severely restrict your chances of working again.
  • Loss of mental health: Losing a part of your body can affect your self-image. You may feel incomplete. You might feel people look at you differently or find you unattractive or even scary. Depression is common among amputees, especially if the injury has severely reduced your ability to do things such as support your family, carry out hobbies or work.
  • Loss of time: Expect to spend a lot of time visiting medical facilities. You will need substantial rehabilitation and therapy to manage your daily activities, and some work-related tasks may never be possible again.
  • Loss of disease resistance: Amputations can also leave you more susceptible to secondary illness or disease, particularly infections.
  • Loss of independence: You may need people's help with everyday chores, at least for a while. You might not be able to drive or carry shopping. Depending on others can come as a big shock.
It is vital you seek legal help to fight for the compensation you need if you suffer an amputation in a workplace accident. Do not try to go it alone. Insurance companies are not as generous as they would have you believe.


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