131 Fraudulent Oilfield Violations this Quarter, according to TX RR Commission

131 Fraudulent Oilfield Violations this Quarter, according to TX RR Commission

Recent data from the Texas Railroad Commission logs that Texas oil and gas operations received a stunning 131 violations for TNRC 91.143 in Quarter 3 of the 2019 fiscal year. TNRC 91.143 prohibits oil and gas operators from tampering with gauges and from falsifying, simulating, or knowingly inputting incorrect material on applications, reports, and other documents.

Although many oilfield violations are punishable by daily fines (some up to $10,000/day), violation of TNRC 91.143 is a felony, punishable by fines and even prison time through the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. The 131 violations in Quarter 3 mark a huge increase from the 8 violations recorded in Quarter 2.

Why would oil and gas companies lie?

Oil and gas operations are extremely complex, so complex that they are often compared to space operations. They must survey site geology regularly, manage large locations, operate complex machinery, arrange transport and logistics, conduct routine inspections, and comply with regulations - all while putting safety first. However, different companies have different priorities.

When profit is the priority, companies run loose. Some oil and gas companies are willing to disregard rules, skip or abridge safety measures, use inferior materials to save costs, understaff and overwork employees, and even lie on official documents. Furthermore, some wells only undergo a government inspection once every five years, making it difficult for authorities to catch major violations.

When companies are willing to cut corners in one place, however, one wonders where else they might skimp. Violations and actions that jeopardize workers should not be tolerated. Workers are on the front lines when a catastrophic oilfield accident occurs, and preventable accidents that result from someone else's profit-led decisions are unacceptable.

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