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Has your life or the life of your loved one been changed by a spinal cord injury? Wyatt Law Firm may be able to help you recover financial compensation to cover the cost of medical expenses, emotional pain and suffering, and more. Depending on the severity, spinal cord injuries can lead to permanent disability, making even routine tasks difficult. Spine injuries can even leave people impaired to the point that they can no longer work or live without assistance.

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Wyatt Law Firm provides aggressive representation for people throughout Texas and the nation, including the cities of San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Laredo and Corpus Christi.

Spine Injuries And Loss Of Earning Capacity

the national trial lawyers top 100A common consequence of a spine injury is the inability to work. Spinal cord injuries can be so severe that it makes it impossible for the injured party to perform their normal job functions, or any job functions for that matter. One area of compensation that may be available to spine injury victims is loss of earning capacity.

How Is Loss Of Earning Capacity Calculated?

Loss of earning capacity is complex. An experienced lawyer should be consulted for a more accurate estimation of damages. Generally, plaintiff’s attorneys and judges will consider how much money the individual made annually and how much longer until retirement had the injury not occurred. Some loss of earning capacity cases consider the plaintiff’s potential earning capacity, which could be even higher than their wages at the time of their accident.

What other factors can affect compensation?

Some other factors that can affect the amount you recover include:

  • Age
  • Health
  • Occupation
  • Anticipated retirement age

Other types of damages that spinal cord injury victims could be entitled to include: pain and suffering, lost wages, medical expenses (present and future), and punitive damages, among others.

The Cost Of A Spinal Cord Injury

paula a wyatt attorney wyatt law firm san antonio

San Antonio Spinal Cord Injury Attorney, Paula A. Wyatt

Catastrophic injuries, such as spine injuries, are often costly to live with. When individuals suffer these types of devastating injuries through no fault of their own, attorneys at Wyatt Law Firm can fight for them to recover money to cover the cost of accident-related expenses, including:

  • Diagnostic expenses
  • Surgery
  • Ongoing medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation
  • Medication
  • Support groups and counseling
  • Assisted living (ex: wheelchairs or home nurses)

A spinal cord injury can cost an individual millions of dollars over the course of a lifetime, which is daunting without help. Contact a spine injury attorney at Wyatt Law Firm to learn your legal rights and options.

Contact A Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Since 1990, the compassionate attorneys at Wyatt Law Firm have been working with clients, not against them, to pursue maximum financial recovery. We also offer free initial case evaluations, so contact us today to learn your legal rights and options following a spinal cord injury.

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