Contaminated food and other defected products cause harm

Contaminated food and other defected products cause harm Except for the fact that it does not benefit the waistline, most people will agree that ice cream is a good thing. Ice cream is welcome at celebrations, and it comforts in moments of sorrow. Therefore, when ice cream from Texas manufacturer Blue Bell began to make consumers very sick, it was a shock for many to learn that the product was made in extremely unsanitary conditions. When defective products cause harm, injured consumers have the right to seek answers to their questions. The president of Blue Bell is currently facing federal charges that could result in up to 20 years in prison and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines in addition to the millions the company has already forfeited due to civil settlements. Almost a decade ago, quality control employees began conducting regular tests on the company’s ice cream to determine whether it contained harmful bacteria. The tests concluded that condensation and leakage from the plant roof regularly contaminated the product. Instead of correcting the issues, the president allegedly ordered the quality control department to discontinue testing. He also is accused of taking steps to deceive the public, including several federal facilities, about the quality of the ice cream. In 2015, 10 people fell sick with listeria, including three in Texas, and one patient died. The FDA traced the illness back to Blue Bell’s contaminated ice cream. Manufacturers are not always unaware of the defective products they release into the marketplace. When tainted food, harmful medicines or other faulty items cause injury or illness, the victims or their families may seek just compensation for their suffering. With the help of an experienced attorney, their chances of meeting their goals may improve.


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