Defective products can cause long-term or permanent damages

Defective products can cause long-term or permanent damages

Many individuals in Texas and across the country have medical conditions that require the use of prescription drugs. While many of these come with a warning of side-effects, in most cases a patient may not suffer any harm. However, dangerous and/or defective products can pose a significant threat to the health of a person, such as a 10-year-old in another state who was reportedly born with birth defects in relation to the drug Depakote.

A woman and her child were recently awarded a $15 million judgment after a recent lawsuit against the company AbbVie. The company was reportedly responsible for manufacturing a drug for bipolar disorder, which the woman was prescribed during pregnancy. She claims that she was not informed of the potential risks involved with the drug, and that her son suffered birth defects as a result.

According to reports, this was just one of the many lawsuits against the company in relation to this particular product. Manufacturers of medical products are required to provide information on potential risks, and if they fail to do so, patients often suffer as a result. In the event that this leads to long-term or permanent injuries, the victim/s of such negligence could be entitled to financial relief through the civil justice system.

Those who are seriously injured by defective products might choose to pursue relief for financial struggles, but the process can be complex. Victims of a similar incident often retain the services of an experienced attorney for assistance in navigating the process. A personal injury attorney in Texas can address a client's current and future financial needs and assist in pursuing the full amount of compensation deserved through a claim against the party deemed culpable.

Source: Reuters, "AbbVie must pay $15 million in Depakote birth-defect trial: jury", Nate Raymond, June 9, 2017


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