Is danger lurking in your child’s toy box?

Is danger lurking in your child’s toy box?

Buying toys for their children is a basic pleasure most Texas parents would say they enjoy. Perhaps you reserve such purchases for birthdays, Christmas or other special occasions. Maybe your children earn weekly allowances and make many of their own toy purchases themselves. Regardless who buys a toy, if it winds up in your child's hands, you have the right to reasonably expect that appropriate parties took all measures to ensure your child's safety when using it. 

Sadly, many children throughout the nation suffer serious burns, broken bones, choking hazards and other injuries due to defective toy products. Witnessing your child's suffering is one of the most traumatic experiences you might have as a parent, especially if you feel helpless to relieve his or her pain. The aftermath of defective product injuries often include financial strain heaped upon families from expenses associated with such incidents. Know your rights and where to seek support if this happens to you.           

Do you own one or more of these toys?

The following list shows some of the most frequently reported toys as being the most dangerous products geared toward children in the nation: 

Plush rattle: One of the most dangerous toys in the nation is reportedly a soft-cloth covered baby rattle that has figures of well-known Disney characters on stacked rings that contain beads that make rattling sounds when children shake the toys. The problem is that the characters have tiny bows and other embellishments that pose choking hazards because they often break free from the toys.

Pull-along pony toy: There are strict regulations regarding how long a string can be on toys you purchase for your children when designed for use in cribs or playpens. This particular toy's string poses a serious strangulation danger because its string exceeds the permitted lengths. 

Wonder Woman sword: A plastic sword geared toward child's play apparently has a plastic edge that can cause facial or other bodily injuries.  

Fidget spinners: These gadgets often have label warnings that the products are not toys; however, in Texas and across the nation, thousands of children play with fidget spinners every day. The problem regarding potential hazards is that the toys often contain tiny parts that can dislodge from the spinners and pose choking hazards. 

Why should you bear the full burden of financial repercussions that result from your child's injuries that a defective product caused? Texas law allows you to seek recovery for any and all losses related to such incidents. If your child has been injured, seek the advice of an experienced attorney regarding your legal options.


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