Recent Recalls Spark Consumer Concerns

Recent Recalls Spark Consumer Concerns

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced four recalls today. Consumers should take note and stop using these products immediately as they pose the risk of injury.

The CPSC frequently announces recalls for products that pose a risk of injury or death to consumers. Today, the CPSC announced four separate product recalls, including:

  • Ski Boot Liners
    Certain ski boot heat liners manufactured by Gorsuch Ltd have been recalled due to a fire hazard. According to Gorsuch, the electric liners can overheat during the charging process. The manufacturer is recalling about 300 of the liners - sold under the names "ERTLRENZ Trim Heat" and "ERTLRENZ Foam Heat" between November 2011 and March 2015. While no injuries were reported during this time, Gorsuch did receive consumer complaints of smoldering. Learn more about this recall.
  • Lenovo Battery Packs
    Battery packs manufactured by Lenovo to charge ThinkPad notebook computers have been recalled over a fire hazard. According to Lenovo, the battery packs can overheat during the charging process. The recall affects units in the U.S. and Canada - about 148,000 and 17,700 respectively. According to Lenovo, the manufacturer received four separate consumer incident reports, one of which included burn marks on clothing and reddening of the skin. Learn more about this recall.
  • Trek Bicycles
    About 900,000 Trek bicycles are being recalled in the United States due to a faulty brake component. According to the manufacturer, a lever on the bicycle's front wheel hub can malfunction and cause the wheel to stop or separate. The sudden malfunction poses a risk of injury to the rider. Learn more about this recall.
  • Sweet Heat Hair Dryers
    Just over 3,000 Sweet Heat hair dryers are being recalled over an electrocution hazard. Hair dryers are required to contain an immersion protection device, which protects people from risk of electric shock if the device becomes wet or submerged. There were no reported incidents or injuries. Learn more about this recall.

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