Savage Arms accused of leaving defective products on market

by Paula A. Wyatt | December 12, 2017 | Blog, Defective Products | 0 comments

Savage Arms accused of leaving defective products on market

From small kitchen appliances to large furniture to children's toys, Texas consumers rely on companies to create safe and effective products. Unfortunately, some manufacturers emphasize their bottom lines over the safety of their products. Savage Arms -- a gun manufacturer -- is currently under fire for a producing a rifle that allegedly explodes. While virtually all defective products can pose a risk for consumers, defective firearms might pose an even greater risk.

In 2014, an out-of-state farmer was preparing his 10 ML-II rifle for the start of his local deer hunting season. Although he claims that he loaded his rifle in the exact same manner as he always had, the outcome was much different. After firing at a target, he says that the barrel of his gun exploded. He suffered burns to his face and his right hand was severely damaged.

This was sadly not the first reported instance of the 10 ML-II exploding. In 2009, a man lost several fingers when his gun exploded. Savage Arms is facing several lawsuits, including one from the farmer, alleging that the company did not take adequate measures to warn consumers that the gun was defective. A third-party examination by a metal expert determined the gun barrel was inherently and metallurgically defective.

Savage Arms stopped manufacturing the rifle in 2010, but left thousands on the market. The company also insists that the rifle is safe for use when used properly. It currently blames the explosions on consumers, claiming that the seasoned gun owners who have been injured by their product must have deviated from standard loading procedures.

In many cases, manufacturers have the discretion to either issue recalls or leave defective products on the market. Texas consumers often suffer when companies refuse to take responsibility for their negligent actions. Victims who have been seriously injured by products that were inherently unsafe may take necessary action against companies in order to achieve just compensation for their injuries, which may include compensation for medical bills, lost wages and long-term pain and suffering.

Source: Fox Business, "Injured hunter takes Savage Arms to court over exploding rifle", Dec. 5, 2017


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