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Amputation of fingers can mean a drastic life change

by | Mar 12, 2023 | Blog, Personal Injury

Most people do not realize how much they depend on their hands and fingers until an unexpected accident leaves them injured. Being unable to use your hands for a period of time while they recover can be frustrating. You may try to find creative ways to dress or fix yourself some breakfast, but mostly, you may have to rely on others. Reach out to a catastrophic injury lawyer.

It may be a great relief when you are on the mend and can get back to your normal routine. However, what happens when the accident leads to a permanent injury, such as the loss of one or more fingers? You may not realize how greatly the loss of even a single digit can affect your life.

The Wonder Of The Hand

Amputation of fingers can mean a drastic life changeThe structure of the hand is quite miraculous. Each digit plays an essential role. The thumb, for example, provides opposition that most other animals do not have, allowing you to grasp even the smallest objects. If you lose your thumb, you lose about half of the hand’s function. Even the smallest finger provides you with tremendous gripping strength that you would miss if an accident resulted in amputation.

Your fingers provide more than gripping strength. The delicate nerves allow you to experience many sensations through the sense of touch. It is possible that your sense of cold and heat will become hypersensitive at the place of amputation, and this may fade after time or become permanent. While a prosthesis may aid you in grasping and gripping, it will not replace your sense of touch.

Regaining Your Life

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Each finger depends on the others for strength and flexibility, so it is not unusual for someone to lose these factors in the entire hand after the amputation of fingers. You may notice subtle differences in the function of your hand, which may be the result of damaged tendons or scarring. Starting as soon as possible, rehabilitation will be critical. Otherwise, the remaining fingers may begin to atrophy.

With proper therapy and prosthetics, you may be able to regain some abilities to perform daily tasks. However, this will be a long, frustrating process. You will also have to consider the financial burden, especially if the loss of part of your hand means you cannot return to your job. With guidance from a skilled personal injury attorney, you may learn about how you can pursue compensation from those responsible for the accident that cost you your fingers.