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Attorneys For Victims Of Electrical Injuries

When it is not fatal, an electrical accident can cause complex and serious injuries. For example, in an accident involving a high voltage electrical charge, the charge can damage the surface of the skin and the tissue below the surface, at both the entrance point and exit point of the charge. The shock to the muscles can release large amounts of hemoglobin from red blood cells, putting severe stress on kidneys. If the victim is wearing clothing made from artificial fibers, the electrical charge can melt the fabric at the point of entry, causing burns. The shock can also make the victim fall to the ground, causing a head injury or broken bones.

A low voltage charge results in different types of injuries. A low voltage charge can cause the hand to freeze, making it difficult for the victim to release the source of the charge and causing damage to tissue, nerves and muscles. This can be quite painful and psychologically traumatic.

Victims of electrical accidents require specialized medical care extending over a period of weeks or months. This care can cost tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars or even more.

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Wyatt Law Firm is a team of personal injury lawyers with extensive experience in catastrophic injury cases, including electrical injuries, burns and head injuries. We work tenaciously to help our clients obtain the financial resources to pay for medical costs and rehabilitation services, plus damages for all other economic and noneconomic losses.

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Our attorneys and staff work on a daily basis with injured people and their families. Despite witnessing their suffering first-hand, we never become hardened to that suffering or lose our motivation. Instead, it makes us redouble our efforts to help them obtain the medical care and compensation that can make a real difference in their lives.

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Electrical Injuries

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