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When it is not fatal, an electrical accident can cause complex and serious injuries. For example, in an accident involving a high voltage electrical charge, the charge can damage the surface of the skin and the tissue below the surface, at both the entrance point and exit point of the charge. The shock to the muscles can release large amounts of hemoglobin from red blood cells, putting severe stress on kidneys. If the victim is wearing clothing made from artificial fibers, the electrical charge can melt the fabric at the point of entry, causing burns. The shock can also make the victim fall to the ground, causing a head injury or broken bones. A low voltage charge results in different types of injuries. A low voltage charge can cause the hand to freeze, making it difficult for the victim to release the source of the charge and causing damage to tissue, nerves and muscles. This can be quite painful and psychologically traumatic. Victims of electrical accidents require specialized medical care extending over a period of weeks or months. This care can cost tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars or even more. For a free consultation about an electrical injury case, call Wyatt Law Firm at 210-340-5550. We seek maximum compensation for people throughout Texas and the nation, including the cities of San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Laredo and Corpus Christi.

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the national trial lawyers top 100Wyatt Law Firm is a team of personal injury lawyers with extensive experience in catastrophic injury cases, including electrical injuries, burns and head injuries. We work tenaciously to help our clients obtain the financial resources to pay for medical costs and rehabilitation services, plus damages for all other economic and noneconomic losses. In your case, Wyatt Law Firm will seek the best possible settlement or jury award for you.

Electrocution Burn Injury

Data suggests that more than 30,000 people are injured by electrical shock every year. Did this happen to you? Wyatt Law Firm advocates for victims of electrocution when it is caused by the negligence or carelessness of another. For many, their electrical burn was caused by a dangerous product, faulty wiring, or a dangerous work environment.

How Electrocution Happens

A variety of factors can cause an electrical burn, but when it comes to electrocution-related personal injury claims, the most common factors include: Electrocution caused by a dangerous product – According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, defective consumer products cause about 60 electrocutions in the U.S. annually. In these cases, a personal injury claim could be filed against the manufacturer of the faulty product. Electrocution caused by faulty wiring Electrocution injuries can also stem from faulty wiring, that is, wiring that was installed incorrectly or old wiring that should have been replaced. In this case, personal injury claims could attempt to hold the contractor, electrician, or building manager liable. Electrocution as an occupational injury Electrocution is listed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as one of the "fatal four", comprising 8.9% of all fatal workplace injuries. If your employer failed to provide a reasonably safe work environment and you were injured in this way, you may have a claim.

Electrical Burns: Types and Treatment

Electrical burns fall into six categories. These categories are distinguished from each other by severity and event that caused the burn.
  1. Low-Voltage (500 volts and under)
  2. High-Voltage (more than 500 volts)
  3. Arc (high heat and no contact required)
  4. Flash (superficial depth but covering a large surface area)
  5. Flame (caused by coming in contact with an electrically-ignited object)
  6. Oral (electrical burns that affect the mouth - common in young children)
The most severe electrical burns necessitate skin grafts or complete amputation of the affected limb. Treatment of the burn depends on the type of burn and how many layers of skin were affected. Superficial burns tend to be the easiest to treat, while burns that extend into deeper layers of skin tissue may even be severe enough to cause nerve and muscle damage.

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Our attorneys and staff work on a daily basis with injured people and their families. Despite witnessing their suffering first-hand, we never become hardened to that suffering or lose our motivation. Instead, it makes us redouble our efforts to help them obtain the medical care and compensation that can make a real difference in their lives. Wyatt Law Firm will stand up for you, working tirelessly to help you rebuild your life.

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