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Negligent Trucking Company Hiring Practices

Holding Negligent Trucking Companies Accountable

The U.S. relies heavily on the trucking industry for our growing economy. Due to the regular shortage of applications for trucking positions, even responsible trucking companies are forced to lower their hiring standards or overlook red flags on applicants’ driving records. In addition, many truck drivers are under-supervised and lack the training and experience to safely perform the duties of the job.

Relentless In The Pursuit Of Compensation And Justice

The attorneys at Wyatt Law Firm have the experience and investigative resources to conduct aggressive inquiries into the negligent hiring practices of trucking companies. When our clients are injured by a commercial truck, they count on us to uncover the truth about possible negligence — and to seek maximum compensation for their losses and suffering.

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Examples Of Negligent Hiring Practices

The problem of too few applicants is certainly a challenge, but there has to be a better solution than putting dangerous drivers behind the wheel of large commercial trucks and hoping for the best. Across the U.S., we have seen cases where injuries or deaths occurred because trucking companies ignored these red flags in the driving records of job applicants:

  • History of DWIs
  • History of accidents
  • One or more license revocations
  • Mishandling of hazardous materials
  • History of road rage

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We understand that you want answers. You deserve to know why this accident happened and if it could have been avoided. You also deserve compensation for the full amount of your financial losses and pain and suffering. We will aggressively pursue the truth and seek the best possible results for you.

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